A New Tradition is Born, Pa. Masonic District 27 Church Day

district 27 church visit may 2019

We had our first Masonic District 27 Church Day at the Community Church of Pine Run in Apollo, PA. 

We would like to thank Rev. Dr. Joshua Strunk and his very welcoming congregation.

Thank you to Bro. Steven A. Fulton DDGM for putting forward the notion of visiting different churches in our District and thank you to Bro. Brian A. McCollim PM for inviting us to his church and for the luncheon afterward.

We are planning on visiting a church on a monthly basis so if you would like us to visit your church please let us know and we will get the word out.

I can't emphasize enough what a great experience this was and we hope to see you all at the next one.

PA Masonic District 27

The membership of the eight lodges of PA Masonic District 27 hail from the areas northeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in Butler, Armstrong, Indiana and Westmoreland Counties. You can learn more about becoming a Freemason in our District by visiting the Grand Lodge of PA: https://pagrandlodge.org

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