A Secret Revealed

By PA Masonic District 27

May 15, 2019

I wrote this several years ago and I haven’t been sure of what to do with it. I have finally decided that it is only worthwhile if shared and to that end, here it is. Much of this came from my feelings and experiences in mentoring at that time. Please, if you share , give credit. I also have this recorded and have uploaded the file to Youtube, (here). Much of poetry depends upon the reader and this has a certain flow, for me. 

A Secret Revealed

Some Brothers join and never seem

To grasp the purpose, too oft’ unseen

The goal for them is not well known

The path they chose, they chose alone

Light may be found in many ways

Through dark of night or light of day

Open a book the mentor calls

But alas, on deaf ears it falls,

The desire to know must be strong

Because it doesn’t come easily along

Too many questions, Not enough time.

You’ve been raised Brother, get in line.

The world moves fast, too fast to find

The easy magical answers in kind.

The platter before you, it was lain

But lets take a moment to explain.

It doesn’t come the way you think

Like water pouring from your sink

We see the path without much clatter

But walking it, is another matter.

You place the sticker and wear the ring

But Brother you forgot one important thing.

Telling another who we are

Will get you only just so far.

Your heart needs to learn the meaning

Before your not quite so humble gleaning.

Seek is what you have been told

Find the lessons that come from old

We can only teach a little

Sometimes meeting in the middle.

The lessons that you need to know

Are the lessons that will help you grow.

We make good men better or at least we try

And far too often, we don’t know why.

They often don’t come to seek it out

And live a life full of doubt.

But it doesn’t need to be that way

The choices are important, they say

But no man can teach, he who isn’t there

And it often seems so very unfair.

The best seem to find a way

And you should really hear what they say

The meaning hidden, or slyly worded,

Perhaps, the meaning well asserted.

Our goals are simple, often not found

Right in the open, the light abounds

For the good of mankind our labors toll

Our Brothers to aid, assist, even console.

Ignore the rumors heard on the street

Among the strangers you may meet,

The stories far too often written

Repeated, retold, never quitting.

We hear rumors of ignorance seeking to quell

That truth which we can not tell

The lies are told and often sold

They make money off these rumors of old.

The damage, though done, hurts us not

Their conspiracy theories all for naught

The answers they want but never really find

Are simply growth of spirit, of hope, and of mind.

Bro. Brian A. McCollim, PM


PA Masonic District 27

About the author

The membership of the eight lodges of PA Masonic District 27 hail from the areas northeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in Butler, Armstrong, Indiana and Westmoreland Counties. You can learn more about becoming a Freemason in our District by visiting the Grand Lodge of PA: https://pagrandlodge.org

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