Go to Lodge, from the comfort of your own home!

By PA Masonic District 27

November 17, 2017

Right now, you can have the full experience of Freemasonry from the comfort of your own home for the low low price of free! All you have to do is pick up your phone, open up a text message, Facebook messenger or even dial a number and reach out to a fellow Brother! Hurry now to claim this unlimited time offer!

Nothing is more enjoyable to not only Freemasons, but men in general, than to have an engaging conversation with a colleague that promotes contemplation and retrospection. Pressing one another for deeper and deeper thoughts, exploring emotions and expectations. Defending opinions and antagonizing each other into productive and cordial debate. Growing as a person seems easier in the company of others.

When we engage one another, whether inside our Lodge or from the comfort of our own couches, we increase our own capacities for understanding. We can create everlasting memories and experiences. We promote fellowship and brotherly love when we engage in the charity of conversation, not for the benefit of the principles themselves but for the benefits of us as individuals.

An experience we often take for granted can be used as a tool to build both Freemason and Freemasonry. When we use this tool properly, to push ourselves and to experience others, instead of an idle passing of time, the benefits we reap will quickly surpass our wildest expectations. When we meaningfully engage others outside of the fraternity as a representative of Freemasonry, the benefits of our Craft have on us quickly become evident. What use are billboards and advert campaigns when we consciously engage others, both Brother and profane, in meaningful ways? Our most essential working tool can often be ourselves, and it should be our utmost prerogative to sharpen it, adorn it and wield it with expertise.

Bro. R. J. Hughes is the Worshipful Master of Armstrong Lodge #239 in Freeport, PA. He is King of Orient Holy Royal Arch Chapter #247, Principle Conductor of Work of Kittanning Council #52 and a member of Holyrood Commandery #100, all in Kittanning, PA. He is also a member of the Pennsylvania Lodge of Research and the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania’s Academy of Masonic Knowledge where he is a Level 1 Master Masonic Scholar. Bro. R. J. can be reached by email at rjhughesiii@gmail.com

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PA Masonic District 27

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The membership of the eight lodges of PA Masonic District 27 hail from the areas northeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in Butler, Armstrong, Indiana and Westmoreland Counties. You can learn more about becoming a Freemason in our District by visiting the Grand Lodge of PA: https://pagrandlodge.org

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