Mentor or Be Mentored, Part 2

By The Masonic Rezon

December 30, 2017

If you’ve been lucky enough to witness the new Grand Master’s inaugural address, you’ve no doubt heard about the “online Mentor program”. This is available to PA Masons who are seeking knowledge, through Mentoring but due to work schedules or other obligations are finding it difficult to meet with a Mentor. This isn’t meant to replace your Lodge Mentoring program or your personal Mentor. Each Lodge should already be Mentoring and every candidate needs to have a Mentor. This is the foundation of Masonic Education. Whatever we have done in the past has far too often fallen by the wayside and must be restored.

Mentoring is much more than the minimum requirements and when a candidate is engaged in valuable mentoring the chances that he will become an active member are greatly increased. I am very happy to see younger men becoming involved in Lodge and taking chairs to assist their Lodges. As mentors we must insure that these young Brothers have a good understanding of the whats, the whys and the whens. The philosophy and meanings of the Charges and the Degrees must be understood. Far too often, we require memorization without meaning. This can leave many a good man feeling empty of purpose. We can’t assume that every man who becomes a Mason will pursue the philosophy on his own. Or that the lessons he might learn on his own are proper and fitting.

The Grand Lodge of PA has recently updated the web site with information about the mentoring program and many new resources. On the education page (open to PA members in good standing) is a link to ONLINE MENTORING. If you follow this link:  you will be directed to the Grand Lodge Informational Page. If you can not get access to the Grand Lodge login you will need to contact your Lodge Secretary. Also, if you are so inclined, you may request to be added as an Online Mentor.

We all have the obligation when joining the Lodge to learn our tenets, our obligations, our philosophy, and more. We also have the responsibility of passing this knowledge to those who travel behind us. If we break that chain on either end we will ultimately meet our demise. So once again I say, “Mentor or be Mentored, All else is stagnation”. Make 2018 a year of improvement, the beginning of great things, and above all the year of education.

Bro. Brian A. McCollim, PM is a Pappy, Father, Husband, Brother. Past Master, Mentor, friend. Membership includes Kiskiminetas Lodge #617, Plum Creek-Monroeville # 799 (Asst. Secretary), Apollo Chapter OES (PP, WP), Syria Shrine, and MMCI.

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